Unetické Pivo Spring-Special 11° Jarní Petrklíč Semi-Dark Lager 1.5l

Unetické Pivo Spring-Special 11° Jarní Petrklíč

Semi-Dark Lager

Unfiltered & Unpasteurized

1,5l PET

4.5% vol. 


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Unetické Pivo Special 11° Jarní Petrklíč unfiltered semi-dark lager Light as a breeze and full of flavor at the same time. It combines four types of malt — Pilsen, Munich, caramel and special Carared. Non-traditional hops of the Shine variety give it a delicate herbal aroma with spicy and citrus components, while hops of the Saturn variety give it a unique aroma with tones of exotic woods or tropical fruits. The taste of parsley balances bitterness with fullness, which blossoms on the tongue like a fresh spring meadow.

Important info: To ensure you get the best Czech beer experience and that the beers get to you fresh, we ship unfiltered and unpasteurized beers on Mondays only. In this way, we ensure that your beer is constantly on the move and is not stored in a courier depot for a long period of time. If you want to order fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, please place your order no later than Thursday 12:00 p.m. in the previous week. We get the beer fresh from the brewery on Fridays and send it out on Mondays. Get more information by clicking here . 

Use by dates: The beer comes fresh from the brewery. Filled into PET bottles, this beer has a shelf life of approx. 3 - 5 weeks. Please take into consideration when ordering. 

History of the Únětice brewery:

The brewery was probably built in 1710. This can be deduced from the year engraved on the pillar in the premises of the malt bunker, where the brewery tap is located today. Increasing competitive pressure at the beginning of the 20th century caused problems for the brewery. The company never recovered from the First World War. Another blow came with the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and even in the post-war years the brewery could no longer gain a foothold and tt was closed in March 1949.

The brewery was revived in March 2010 under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Tkadlec from nearby Roztok u Prahy. The project "Rebirth of the Únětice Brewery" was well received and you should definitely try the result! Beers from Únětice are no longer only drunk in the Prague area. Today, the brewery is extremely popular with beer lovers from Germany to Italy to Sweden and Finland.

Product Details

Data sheet

1,5 l
Degree Plato
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
Beer style
Semi-Dark Lager
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