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Krušovice Černé Dark Beer - 24x 500ml

Krušovice Černé

Dark Beer

24x 500ml

3.8% abv. 

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Krušovice Černé (dark) beer has been a traditional product of the Krušovice brewery for more than a hundred years, and its production has never been interrupted. It has been the most prized dark beer in Central Europe for a long time, and those who like special, strong-tasting, yet refreshing beers will not let it pass.

Krušovice Černé is characterized by fullness, a distinct caramel taste with notes of roasted coffee, and a subtle hop bitterness. In addition to high-quality spring water from the Křívoklát forests and hops from the Žatec hop region, special types of barley malt - Czech, colored, caramel and Munich - bear excellent taste properties. These give the beer its typically dark color. 

Combination with dishes: Smoked meat, smoked fish, ribs marinated in dark beer, beer burritos, and then sweet desserts with a coffee or chocolate taste.

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