R. Jelinek Hruškovice Pear Brandy 42% - 500ml

R. Jelinek Hruškovice

Pear Brandy

42% abv. 



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Germany : €4.68 Italy : €17.68 Finland: €19.70

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of bottles, PETs and cans is possible. One package weight is 30 kg. Above 30kg =2 packages.


R. Jelínek Williams Hruškovice pear brandy is a clear fruit spirit with an aroma that makes its origin undeniable. All kinds of connoisseurs are sure to appreciate its pleasant, delicate flavour and characteristic aftertaste. Due to its delicious taste it is one of the most popular fruit spirits in the Czech Republic and especially in the west. We believe that you will also find its delicate fruity flavour enchanting.

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