Krušovice 10° Pale Draft Beer - 24x 500ml

Krušovice 10°

Pale Draft Beer

24x 500ml

4.2% abv. 


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Germany : €4.68 Italy : €17.68 Finland: €19.70

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of bottles, PETs and cans is possible. One package weight is 30 kg. Above 30kg =2 packages.


Do you remember the last time you enjoyed an honestly brewed, proper Czech ten degrees draft beer? The brewers from Krušovice understood that the true ten simply belong in the Czech pub. And they brewed it the way generations of exceptionally gifted master brewers had brewed it before them, which our country has always been lucky to have.

Královský Original 10 is an excellent drinkable beer, characterized by a clear golden color and creamy foam. Its taste and aroma are provided by three types of barley malt from selected varieties of high-quality Czech and Moravian barley. Thanks to Žatec hops, it has a pleasant bitterness.

It's great to drink and refresh on every conceivable occasion. Combination with dishes: roast meat, ribs, stews, it goes very well with pickled cheese or even better with ripening cheeses.

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