Svijany Prémiový Ležák 450 - Premium Lager - 24x 500ml

Svijany 450 Prémiový Ležák 

Pale Lager

24x 500ml

4.6% abv. 


  Shipping example 48x cans

Germany : €4.68 Italy : €17.68 Finland: €19.70

  Mixed order

of bottles, PETs and cans is possible. One package weight is 30 kg. Above 30kg =2 packages.


Svijany Prémiový Ležák 450, Premium lager was brewed as a special beer to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the establishment of the brewery in Svijany. But in the end, everyone liked it so much that it remained permanently in the range of Svijany beers. Made from semi-early Žatec red hops, humm malt from independent malthouses and, of course, using traditional Czech beer brewing method. A full bready beer with a pleasant and intense mild bitterness.

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