Vinohradsky 11° Enigma Encrypted APA 500ml

Vinohradsky 11° Enigma Encrypted APA

Australian Pale Ale


4.3% abv. 


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Vinohradsky Pivovar Enigma Encrypted APA is the brewery's first Australian hop beer. It is a fresh, easy-drinking and relaxing beer. It has a medium lower cut and fullness. During the medium finish, the distinctive hop aroma of the Enigma variety stands out ideally, which has "encoded" the notes of raspberries, black currants, white grapes, sugar melon and light tropical fruit into the beer. Its aroma and taste stand out beautifully thanks to the fact that the hops used are fresh and aromatic. Enigma is the youngest Australian hop variety, which is characterized by refined fruity notes and which fascinates brewers above all with its ability to transform its characteristic features depending on the composition of the wort and the type of yeast chosen. Vinohradsky Pivovar used Pilsner and Pale Ale malts.

Product Details

Data sheet

0,5 l
Alcohol content
Degree Plato
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
Beer style
Australian Pale Ale
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