Kozel Nealko Non-alcoholic Beer - 24x 500ml

Kozel Nealko

Non-alcoholic Beer

24x 500ml


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of bottles, PETs and cans is possible. One package weight is 30 kg. Above 30kg =2 packages.


Velkopopovicky Kozel Nealko is a semi-dark non-alcoholic beer that is brewed similarly to classic beers from Velké Popovice using pilsner, caramel and roasted malt, thanks to which it not only has a full malt taste, but also a honey to semi-dark color. The beer gets its mild bitterness from the Czech Premiant hop. Its aroma is a typical beer aroma with subtle fruity hints. Kozel non-alcoholic beer is brewed using a similar technology to classic Czech lager beers, whereby the alcohol is gently removed at the end of the process.

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