Bakalar 12° Cold-Hopped Pale Lager 500ml

Bakalar 12°

Pale Lager Cold-hopped


5.2% abv. 


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Bakalar 12°  cold-hopped Světlý ležák is a popular lager full of flavor made from quality Czech raw materials. It has a darker golden yellow color and a distinct pleasant bitterness with an unmistakable hop aroma.

The cold-hopped lager from the brewery in Rakovnik is suitable for those who love their beer with a distinct bitterness and hop aroma. In the Czech Republic, it is often served with a heavier meal such as Goulash and other meat dishes. The brewery has won several awards for this beer which also makes it brewery's undisputed flagship brew. 

Alcohol content: 5.2% vol.

Bitterness 34 IBU.

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